Colt LE6920 M4 5.56 Law Enforcement Carbine-1 Left!!

Colt LE6920 M4 5.56 Law Enforcement Carbine-1 Left!!

Our price: $1899.00


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PRE-OWNED in Excellent condition with original box and papers

Colt LE6920 M4 5.56 Law Enforcement Military Carbine - Only 1 left!

COLT LE6920 CARBINE!! No longer produced by Colt!! These are the Desirable LE models with the restricted roll markings, not the NEW SP or M4.


The Colt LE6920 is roll marked "For Law Enforcement/Military/Government/Export use only"(legal to own by civilians) on ejection side and "Law Enforcement Carbine" on the other. This specially designed law enforcement/military weapon system features many of the combat proven advantages of the military M4. With the 4-position buttstock fully retracted, the Colt 6920 Law Enforcement Carbine is less than 30 in (76.2 cm) in length and weighs only 5.65 lb (2.56 kg) - ideal for tactical deployment and traditional patrol. Colt's 6920 Law Enforcement Carbine is available with a step-cut barrel that allows it to accept a grenade launcher for non-lethal options. Furthermore, the handguard has dual insulated aluminum shielding for more effective heat protection.



5.56mm (.223 Rem)
Gas; Direct system; Locking bolt
2 - 20 round (30 rd mag optional)
Safe - Semi
600 m
Adjustable front
Target sight adjustable for windage
and elevation
Bird cage style
Flat top receiver with detachable
carrying handle
Oversized double heat shield
Author: DC

Wow...let the price gouging begin.

Author: carlos mantilla

wow I guess we are not going to need gun laws or regulations...due to the fact that you, the gun dealers are taking advantage of the mess created by the tragedy and the government. By raising the prices in an unlawful way...that colt model you guys have it at $2899.99 at walmart was $1097... now I really hope Obama passes a ban asap to all AR style rifles, so that all of you gun dealers can take advantage of the people. As always the consumer ends up paying for everything.

Author: watchman

What a rip you guys are. That is a $1,000 AR at Wal-Mart (was $600 a few years ago). You should be ashamed of yourselves and should be arrested for the price gouging!!!!!!

Author: Rod

Crazy thing is, people are giving in to the scare tactics and media hype of the FED and are crazy enough to pay these prices. Not so much any more though. It will all calm down and God help us if the ban and eventually (sooner than later) confiscation takes effect, the gouging dealers will be stuck with them unless military or law enforcement buy them who will be the only ones "allowed" to carry these. Sadly, the military and law enforcement can afford these at who's expense? The "Law abiding taxpayer" who's rights are currently in jeopardy because of the Pres and his henchmen and women, UN, NWO agenda etc. Again, God help us all protect our families, cities and state in the case of a Tyrannical Government takeover. Just stock up with ammo for the firearms you have. Hunting rifles are more accurate and can be fired from longer distances without detection in many cases. Best for hunting whatever the "Game" may be....

Author: Disgruntled

Agreed. This price is over twice retail, and interestingly shown as *Only one left*.?. I'll shop elsewere and be patient.

Author: Lazer

Well, Gentlemen, that AR you saw at Walmart is made for them ( the largest gun dealer in America) It does Not have a chrome-lined barrel. It's also a 1 in 9 twist barrel instead of mil spec. 1 in 7" twist, which is more accurate. Like most all commodities, price is determined by supply and demand.

Author: Johnny Nightrider

I just bought in California the Colt M4 LE6920 for $1199 and it has the chrome lined barrel and 1-7 twist.Now you get only 9 round mags 2 of them and a bullet button to release the mag but I rather have that than pay $2499 and be gouged.There are some out there.Though where I don't know.

Author: Yoda

People don't what this weapon is. Do you have 10 of these weapons, I,ll buy every one. I own one. The people who gave you feedback don't know the difference between colt le 6920 and a bushnell ar-15. Don't print my e-mail but e-mail me at I'll buy everyone you got.

Author: josh

WOW that price is absurd.

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