FN FS2000 5.56x45mm Rifle OD

FN FS2000 5.56x45mm Rifle OD

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Product description

The concept of the FS2000 allows accesories to be added while respecting the ergonomics, balance and the smooth lines of the rifle. This enables it to meet the present and future requirements of different types of units in a wide range of missions. The FS2000 can be comfortably and safely used left-handed without modifications and thanks to the forward ejection, the left-handed shooter is not at risk from cases, gas or debris, the safety and firing selector, the magazine catch, etc, are easy to manipulate left-handed. Bullpup design gives a very compact rifle with a full-length barrel. Light, with excellent balance (the center of gravity is positioned over the strong hand), and with a smooth outer shape, the FS2000 is easy and comfortable to carry. Firing selector and magazine catch are easily accessed.
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